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Contact a Handyman in Willesden Now

The quickest way to contact a handyman in Willesden is to call 020 7846 0613. The line is staffed 24/7, so it’s ideal when you’re looking for the soonest possible appointment. You’ll get an immediate quote based on our hourly rates for the work, and the option to confirm your booking there and then.

When you’d prefer to send us a few photos to explain what you’d like done, just fill out the form below and attach your pictures to it. This may be helpful to you when the job is more complex. We’ll get back to you by phone or email – just say which you prefer.

While you’ll always be able to get a guideline price for your work, when the job is extensive you’ll be invited to arrange a site meeting so an experienced handyman can see exactly what’s involved in person, discuss the details with you, and give you a precise quotation.